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Author of erotica and erotic romance. Short, sexy, sometimes strange. I hope you enjoy my little slice of the internet. 18+ only!


I was only a poor shopkeeper, but the yokai samurai lord decided to claim me and make me his personal pet.

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“Who is that girl?” I asked my attendant, Jiro, as I watched the porcelain-skinned beauty through the slats of the covered palanquin I reclined in. She was breathtaking, and when I tilted my head back, I caught a wisp of her scent before being overwhelmed by the smells of the market — food, sweat, alcohol, and animal refuse. Normally, I wouldn’t be out this time of day or this deep into the city. Still, an important meeting with the local daimyo had me dressed in my best kimono and traveling through the overpopulated human city.

“I don’t know Lord Saito…


I get a taste of thick Polish sausage, and my best guy friend is sleeping right beside us!

Image with permission of MetArt

My guy bestie and I were close, so close that I often spent the night at his apartment after having had a few too many drinks. He shared an apartment with his roommate, an exchange student from Poland, but I didn’t mind. Boris was sweet and kind and used to me having to drag Jessie back home after an all-night binger.

When I banged on the door, and Boris answered, half-asleep and half-dressed, I had to squeeze Jessie’s side to keep from dropping him. Boris was beautiful. His thick blonde hair was always ruffled, and his muscular frame made me…


My cute gamer boy bestie teaches me that joysticks are for more than playing games…

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The smooth handle was still warm from his hands when he inserted the rounded tip inside my waiting pussy. I never thought he’d do it. I had promised over and over that if he won a game, I’d let him do whatever he wanted with me.

Which wasn’t exactly fair because I was a pro-gamer on Twitch and streamed anywhere from six to eight hours a day, leaving me just enough time to hit the gym and eat some healthy snacks. …


He wants to breed me, but only after putting me in my place.

Image @ MetArt

“I own this place; I can go wherever the fuck I like.”

I stared, slack-jawed and more than a little annoyed with the handsome man in front of me. He was standing in a fancy suit with his blond hair slicked back, and his arms crossed over his broad chest as he tapped his foot impatiently. He was gorgeous, sure, but no amount of outer beauty could make his nasty attitude tolerable.

“Sir, I’m sorry, but I’m just doing my job!” I replied, resting my hands on my hips. I’d only been working a the museum for a few months…


My college graduation gift…

Image @MetArt

It was the day I graduated college when Haru made his confession. He said he had admired me from afar for over a year but could never get the courage to speak to me. I’d always considered him one of my best friends, so I was surprised to learn he thought of me like that. I was even more surprised to realize that I felt that way about him too.

Funny how that works.

For over a year, Haru couldn’t bring himself to ask me out, but within the space of hours, we were wrapped in each other’s arms; lips…


Let’s celebrate…

Image @ MetArt

It was dark out except for the persistent little dots of flashing lights from late summer fireflies. They were desperate to find a mate before the cooler breeze of autumn overtook them.

I looked over at my brother beside me. He was grinning ear to ear. Even at nineteen he was excited about fireworks. He’d always loved them. Beside him stood his childhood bestie, Ian, who stood just a few inches taller than the both of us. I locked eyes with him and flashed him a grin, tossing my long ponytail over my shoulder. “It’s sad, really. …

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Steven is older, bolder, and hotter than my husband ever was… and I’m pretty sure he used to be a porn star.

Steven had always been a good-looking man. He was older than me by around twenty years but had the body of an athlete, while my husband, on the other hand, had grown lazy and doughy over the years. I watched Steven over the rim of my sunglasses as he pulled himself out of the pool and sat on the edge, shaking his long, salt and pepper hair. Steven was what my husband liked to call ‘bohemian.’ His skin was tanned from days in the sun; he wore a ring in one eyebrow and always seemed to have a three-day beard…


James just learned a secret about Lisa, one she doesn’t want anyone else to know… unless, of course, she gives him the dance of his life.

Image @MetArt

When Lisa went to work at the strip club, it was like she was a different person. The Lisa that her friends and family knew disappeared, and she became another girl entirely. One that was a creature of night and shadows. One that was bold and brave and not afraid to expose herself…all of herself… to the eager audience of the club. It helped that nobody from her daily life ever intruded in on this one.

She honestly never even thought about what would happen if one of her friends showed up at the strip club when she was dancing…


I didn’t mean it, really…

Photo by Artyom Kim on Unsplash

Why do you tease me so much? Are you punishing me? Is it because when I first started here, back in February, I didn’t fully understand how publications and publishing worked?

I submitted a written piece to you, a little erotic short story called Filthy Alley With My Ex. Or was it Hot Night in an Airport Hotel?… or maybe it was Double Dinner Date?

I honestly can’t remember… anyway; I’m sorry I only waited a week and assumed you didn’t want the piece. I didn’t realize at the time just how big and busy you were. I mean, I…


Let’s write about what you wear to heighten your sexual confidence!

Author photo (yukata with hakama)

Another challenge brought forth by Jeff Ehren you can find the original post here. Thanks for the tag!

Each of us leads a different life in which we try to look decent, perhaps even sexy. And then, we have the special occasion during which we dress up to elicit a specific response.

Write about clothes that make you feel sexy


Write about a situation in which you felt sexy in your clothes


Either write a post referring to this challenge or comment on this post!

My Submission:

For me, the sexiest thing I can wear is my kimono. I adore…

Ukulele Ka'aukai

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